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Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) You can’t Miss in 2022

The growing availability of cloud computing with immense power and high-speed internet connection has made many technologies viable. Desktop Virtualization is one among the list, which is powering many enterprises to remove the barriers and propel as much as they want. This software technology comprises- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – that enable the end-users to access their virtual desktops using their endpoints from anywhere.

Desktop as a Service is one of the influential solutions between these two. Although VDI replaces the legacy systems with virtual ones, still many enterprises are hunting to extend the boundaries to the cloud and reduce the management overhead. And, for the organizations that are undergoing digital transformations, DaaS is a great way to accompany this process.

Moreover, as per the current economic circumstances, most of the enterprises have made a drastic shift in their operations. Some shoot up overnight, while others are still struggling. Even, when today, many of the organizations gradually begin to reopen, they are looking at stretching their remote work programs considering increased productivity with social distancing keeping into account. So, to fulfill this goal, DaaS solution is seen as an increased adoption that supports organizations’ present as well as long-term needs.

Hence, let’s move ahead and understand what is Desktop as a Service and the benefits of Desktop as a Service that helps companies succeed on their digital journey.

What is Desktop as a Service?

Desktop as a Service or DaaS is a cloud-based desktop virtualization service, hosted by a third-party enterprise. And, the third-party solutions provider manages all resources, such as desktop storage, computing, and networking, together with the virtual cloud machines that run the desktop operating systems. This way, the provider streams the virtual desktops to the devices of the end-users, which enables them to access desktops and applications anytime and anywhere.

Put differently, Desktop as a Service is the digital solution that allows the delivery of a fully managed virtual desktop instance (VDI), which is hosted on the cloud infrastructure. And, this cloud-based underlying technology has significantly reduced the relevance of the particular physical platform on which data resides, and ended up with no boundary.

Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Eliminating Desktop Challenges

Managing many desktop and laptop workstations with locally installed software is a big challenge for enterprises of all sizes. Eah computer needs regular software updates, security fixes, and other paramount additions. Also, troubleshooting and repairing failures, backing up data, and providing user support swallow even more time. Desktop as a Service resolves these problems by shifting them all into enterprise or cloud data centers. This will enable the user applications to no longer need to be installed or run locally on each device. And, if any of the physical devices fail, the user can easily make a switch to another device and pick up where they left off. Also, your enterprise data will remain more secure on the cloud.

Management & Maintenance

Many IT teams cope daily with a lack of data center space, budget limitations, and staffing shortages. Your team may already be oversubscribed; hiring experienced administrators and architects—even when your budget allows—can be difficult. With Desktop as a Service, the management and maintenance work can be easily handled and managed in the cloud infrastructure. There is no longer any need to visit individual desktops physically for different tasks.

Enabling BYOD

Deploying BYOD on-premises deliver more flexibility to the end-users, thus enabling companies to save significant money. Desktop as a Service fully supports BYOD or Bring Your Own Device that allows the workforces to work from anywhere and at their own convenience – that will bring more focus and ultimately productivity. This way, the end-users will have secure access to applications and data, only after undergoing the proper authentication that will reduce the risk of compromising, if the device is lost.

Better Resilience

The improved resilience will be a great factor in the circumstances when the employee’s hard disk crashes, and they are devoid of any task for hours while a new machine is commissioned and configured from backup. With Desktop as a Service, the users can simply switch to some other machine and log back into their virtual desktops, starting from where they left off. And, once the machine gets fixed, they can easily access their cloud desktop once again. It will dramatically affect the flexibility factor and fuel the business with better resilience.

Business Continuity

The universal availability of cloud desktop services with centralized management & backup system of DaaS makes it the paramount solution in terms of any disaster or crisis – that will take enterprises to the verge of data or even the entire business operations loss. Desktop as a Service helps save everything on the cloud safely that will address the accelerating issue of weather/travel-related interruptions to business as usual, with workers still capable to work as normal from a remote or home location. This will easily overcome the catastrophe while ensuring that your business won’t experience downtime.

Overcome geographical barriers

Having more business locations can make your business more accessible and more visible to customers, help you expand into new markets, and give you access to a wider pool of potential employees. The cloud nature of DaaS solution powers the users to access the enterprise’s resources and data at any time and from anywhere. Make sure that the end user’s device is connected to the internet connection and he or she will leverage the unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

Greater Agility and Responsiveness

The dynamic nature of Desktop as a Service, with its speedy provisioning and integral scalability, empowers users to respond rapidly to opportunities, customer requests, and industry demands. Both will improve the overall corporate agility and responsiveness to the ever-changing business environment.

Increased Scalability

The ‘…-as a service’ model fuels the business engine with the flexibility to add or delete users fast and effortlessly. And, hence, with a DaaS solution, it is pretty easier to create a desktop almost instantly and remove it when no longer required. It also diminishes the headache of handling and allotting hardware to new users or removing it in no-need times. Also, this process puts everything under control.

Strengthened Security

With Desktop as a Service, all data is no longer vulnerable to threats since it is held and regularly backed up in a secure hosted environment. Also, it is completely encrypted and can be accessed only through multi-factor authentication protocols. In fact, DaaS relocates all security burdens to cloud data center infrastructure that is geared up with the highest grades of protection.


Desktop as a Service follows the ‘pay only for what you use’ model that is a trademark of IT success in the current digital age. The DaaS solution simplifies the enterprise operations, decreases your per-user cost, and delivers flexibility for the digital workspaces. It reinforces the subscription-based consumption model that meters on the actual usage. Still, not all DaaS subscriptions are identical. You must choose the appropriate subscription as per your enterprise’s requirements and budget.

What to expect in 2022?

Observing these influential benefits of Desktop as a Service, we can assert that DaaS market is continuously expanding to gain a competitive advantage. It is currently and expected to grow faster since it is a launching point for both business intelligence and big data analytics markets. Plus, everyone is on the hunt for greater flexibility, ease of administration, and reduced costs in 2020-21. Hence, we can expect that Desktop as a Service adoption will increase in 2022 that will match the ever-changing customer expectations, and a big shot to survive in a highly competitive space.

But the big question still remains, " What do you expect"?
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